From Weddings Large to Small CPR Events Group have helped our clients achieve their dreams. From Drapery to Uplighting, Dancefloors to DJ’s, Lighting and Sound, CPR Events Group will work with from from inception to delivery to ensure you achieve your dream.

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Stunning Weddings

Draping, Decor, Swagging, Uplighting, Venue Lighitng, Dance Floors, DJ’s and Sound

Wedding Production - Sound, Lighting, Dance Floors, Draping, Swagging, Uplighting and Decor - CPR Events Group


A fresh perspective and innovative approach intertwined with traditional wedding decor and etiquette. With our attention to detail, a flair for design and a passion for delivering truly unique weddings, we can seamlessly produce an exceptionally stunning and unique wedding experience.

STYLE CONSCIOUS - Working Closely With You

We spend a great deal of time with client we work with to get a real sense of their ideas, style, personality and inspirations. We then support and inspire our clients to transform their visions into reality, not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them!


CPR Events Group are experts in technical production. Combining our knowledge with the event design we are able to produce events of exceptional high quality and standard. It is not only this, but with over £4m of in house production equipment you are hiring from source, therefore keeping your costs down and achieving great value for money allowing you to therefore spend more on the important things…. just like that amazing honeymoon!

Venue Decor and Lighting for Weddings - CPR Events Group

Wedding Production – It’s all about details

No detail is too small to demand our utmost attention and consideration; it is these details that go towards creating the overall effect and ambience that will make your wedding celebrations so memorable.

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Wedding Draping & Decor Services

CPR Events Group specialise in transforming venues and creating truly unique weddings. Working with you from inception to delivery we will present you with a setting that’s totally you, and dazzlingly memorable. Leaving you free to enjoy your day!

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Venue Decor and Lighting for Weddings - CPR Events Group

Technical Event Solutions

Dedicated Production Managers with a great technical knowledgebase ensure that your event has the attention to detail it deserves

Detailed Event Analysis

Capture your every requirement for your event through our detailed analysis of your requests ensure your event is second to none

Guest Engagement

Engaging weddings are an absolute must. It is these engaging experiences that add even more magic to your special day

Stunning Creations

From Dance Floors to Draping, Venue Lighting to Decor Solutions we are able to supply all the above and more

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CPR Events Group is part of the CPR Events Group please use the following form to get in touch with us and we will have one of our very friendly staff get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.

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